2017 Quantum Therapy machine

Quantum Resonance magnetic analyzer with therapy  can give your reports in 1 minute, you can learn your body health. and also will bring you treatment as you needs.
English version Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer 
50 Reports from the device, one minute! 
Reference for your health, lead you to be heaither living-way!
Male: 40 reports, female 40 reports, kid 7 reports.

software interface different from 3rd verion, 
you can save report as web file, or in pdf, you choose what you like. 

This Quantum Therapy machine has two functions:
1, Health analysis, 2, Treatment through tens system. 
now, we introduce one by one:
1, Health analysis,
this give you 40 reports for male, 40 reports for female, and 7 reports for kid below 10 years old.

check the reports like the following:
   Female reports                                Male reports                         Kids reports

2, tens system

our machine come with hand electrod, massage slipper, massage patches, these all used for doing tens, it will relax and do treatment. 

check more in our website blog.