4th generation Mini Quantum Resonance Magentic Analyzer

Quantum Resonance magnetic analyzer can give your reports in 1 minute, you can learn your body health.
English version Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer 
50 Reports from the device, one minute! 
Reference for your health, lead you to be heaither living-way!
Male: 40 reports, female 40 reports, kid 7 reports.

software interface different from 3rd verion, 
you can save report as web file, or in pdf, you choose what you like. 

This Quantum Therapy machine has 1 function
1, Health analysis
this give you 40 reports for male, 40 reports for female, and 7 reports for kid below 10 years old.

check the reports like the following:
   Female reports                                Male reports                         Kids reports