6th Generation Far-infrared Human-Induced Quantum Weak Magnetic Analyzer

6th generation quantum resonance magnetic analyzer for Sub-health testing!
6th Generation Quantum Resonance Magentic analyzer 
main unit X1pc
data wire X1pc
user book X1pc
Encryption lock x1pc

It is same functions from the common quantum health analyzer,  but its operation way adds more notes to learn as followings:

Some more added function to the Machine:
Firstly, the button (knob on the middle corner of the 6th Gen QRMA) control the connection between machine with software for testing. When you put your hand on the right hand style picture on the machine, the number that is showing on the middle corner will be adjusted from 25 to 76, then press the button one time , the software will be working to do analysis. 

Secondly, the right hand style picture use the Infrared body sensing technology, the machine also will be working meanwhile keeping our hand some distance from the hand style picture. But the must is adjusting the number in the left corner to be 25 to 76. 

Others all same as the user book shows!