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Produce hydrogen water three times a day, early, middle and late fasting drink,Hydrogen water proved by Japanese expert studies, beneficial to human body, drink more beneficial.

Input voltage: 100-240V-1.0A,50\60Hz

Output voltage: 15V-2.0A

Power: 24W

water capacity: 200-500ML


Pen style appearance, compact and light weight, you can use just any cup of water, pour, cleaning more convenient

One-button operation, the machine automatically sets the hydrogen production time, 5 minutes produce high concentrations of hydrogen water

Automatic constant current design, pure water, mineral water, water that meet the standards for drinking can be used

SPE electrolysis technology, hydrogen, oxygen separation. Ozone chlorine exhausts through exhaust vent,  safe and secure

Portable body design, home, travel, office, drink a high concentration of hydrogen water anytime

Low voltage DC external adapter, 15V safe voltage, for globally applicable

Key Health Benefits:

- Better hydration for your body- increase blood circulation

- Helps to lower saturated fat levels

- Reduce aging to give healthy looking skin 

- Improves memory in aged individuals 

- Reduce constipation problems 

- Reduce Diabetes Symptoms

- Anti-Aging Effects

Steps for usage:

Prepare a cup of water meets drinking water standards,about 250ML to 500ML

Turn the machine jacket, sniff the bare electrodes part, if any odor, please clean it before use.

Take out the power adapter, connect with electricity and the DC hole of machine

When beep is heard, the green light is on, means power-normal

put the electrode portions to the water, notice (Water must cover the bare platinum electrode part), do not exceed the chrome ring

Press the H2 hydrogen button, the green light is blinking, the machine begin to produce hydrogen, then you can see water hydrogen bubbles emerge

After completion of hydrogen production, take out the machine, wipe the water. put on jacket

Drink the hydrogen water in 0-30 minutes is effective

Cleaning and storage:

Use a soft cloth or sponge to wipe the dust and water

If you find a foreign object inside the bare electrodes part, You can shake a few times into the water to flush out the foreign body

After use the machine, must put on the jacket, do not save in the place where the water is easy to freeze or heat

Regular cleaning and maintenance:

Using citric acid cleaning on a regular basis

If found the electrode network layer covered with white calcium carbonate or Hydrogen bubble water is not big, Concentration is not high.

place the bare electrode in water containing 5 grams of citric acid soak for 30 minutes, White calcium carbonate substances will automatically fall off, Hydrogen power back to normal

when the product appeared peculiar smell, soaking with lemonade or working with 60 degrees warm water for 5 minutes can go to taste

The product uses the ion membrane electrolysis, membrane electrode parts need to keep a long time relatively moist

Rich hydrogen water drinking advice:

To ensure the effectiveness of hydrogen molecule, Drink within half an hour is preferred

Winter can use warm water (within 60 degrees, the heat should not be more than 80 degrees )  to produce hydrogen water

Sub-health crowd: Produce hydrogen water three times a day, early, middle and late fasting drink

Hydrogen water proved by Japanese expert studies, beneficial to human body, drink more beneficial