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plastic hydrogen water cup japanese version

antioxidant water maker produce healthier antioxidant drinking water, brings you a healthier drinking life.
Thank You for viewing this product Please
read the information before use for correct
Charging methods
1 .Open the lid of the power interface                      
2.insert the plug of the dedicated USB line
firmly into the power jack.
***NOTE: The USB line plug which
marked with an arrow is upwards.***
3.Link to the USB docking device with the
other end of the USB line, or connected
with the attached charger, and then firmly
insert into the power socket.
Begin or end of charge
1 .Open the lid of the power interface.
2.insert the plug of the dedicated USB line
firmly into the power jack.
***NOTE: The USB line plug which
marked with an arrow is upwards.***
3.Link to the USB docking device with the
other end of the USB line, or connected
with the attached charger, and then firmly
insert into the power socket.
Cleaning methods
***Thank you for buying this product.
please read the instruction before use for
correct operation.***
How to clean the cup:
1. Rotating the cap counterclockwise, then
rotating the base clockwise to remove all
***This is a plastic product. Please use
neutral detergent and sponge or other soft
items for cleaning (do not use steel wire
cleaning ball which is easy to produce
scratches, grinding agent, metal brushes,
***Please cover the lid of the power supply
interface on the base before further
2: please assemble the product after
***Please confirm the cap and the base of
the product has been put with the leak proof
***Rotating the cap clockwise, then rotating
the base counterclockwise to tighten it.
3: After assembling, inject water into the
bottle to make sure it will not leak water.
***Please check the cap and the base are
firmly installed.
***Tighten the lid, and then shake the bottle
to ensure no water leakage.
How to clean ceramic valve core:

1: One hand holding the upper part of the
ceramic spool, the other hand counter—
clockwise rotating the cap to take the
ceramic spool down.
2: Put the removed ceramic spool into the
basin or other relevant containers, rinse
with tap water for 1 0 minutes.
***Warning: The ceramic spool needs to be
fully immersed in containers. It is
recommended to use glass basin.***
3: Insert ceramic valve into the power
socket , and hold the upper part of ceramic
valve core, then counterclockwise rotating
to make it fix on the cap.
***Cleaning the ceramic valve core when
you get the product, if don’ t clean or wash
thoroughly before the first use, may affect
the taste of water or there will be ceramic
powder deposited in the bottle body.***
***Ceramic valve core as a kind of
consumables, please replace it if you feel
the chlorine smell strong.

Methods of use
Full power state 3 minutes mode can be
used about 20 times, 1 minutes mode can
be used for about 50 times
1 .Fill the glass with water:
2.Continuously press the power switch 3
times, LED will flash 3 times after the lights
up, then into the 3 minutes mode.
3.Continuously press the power switch
twice, LED will flash 2 times after the lights
up, then into the 1 minute mode.
4.LED (blue) lights off, Hydrogen was


1 .If you want to stop when in the process of
Hydrogen generation, please press the
power switch just one time.

2. lt is not used to generate hydrogen when

3.Full power state 3 minutes mode can be
used about 20 times, 1 minutes mode can
be used about 50 times (according to the
water quality and the state of charge, there
may be differences in the number of times)

4.The different water quality also will effect
the concentration of generated Hydro-
gen.The minerals in the water would help
generate more Hydrogen. Mineral water or
tap water is recommended to use. It is not
recommended to use pure water or distilled
water, because pure water doesn't contain
minerals, which unable to generate the

5-The electrode plate is automatically
cleaned by special electrolysis method, if
found to have adhesive material such as
calcium white, white vinegar can be Used
after cleaning or citric acid dissolved into
the Jar. electrolysis for 3 minutes, and then
water will be clean.

6.Cap is with a touch off mode.if carry or
move the cup, you have to make sure it
well be locked.

Common problem

****Why can not generate Hydrogen after
pressing switch? And still can not see the
Hydrogen water bubble after (LED) light
emitting blue light for 5 seconds?***

1 .Running out of power, please charge.
2.The less minerals in the water, the less
hydrogen generated. The pure water or
distilled water unable to generate the
Hydrogen. It is recommend to the use of
mineral water or tap water.

****Why can't charge?****

1,Please check whether charger has been
firmly inserted into the power socket.
2.Please check the USB power line is
connected with the charger or USB
docking device.

3.please check the USB power line is
securely plugged into power interface of
Hello Miss Baby base , and the side with
arrow is upwards.

4.Please check the power socket whether
there is a problem. If no current or USB
docking device is not connected to power,
it will not be charged.

***how to deal with Leakage?***

1.Please check the cap and the base of
bottle have been added with leak-proof filler
2. lf still water leak after adding the filler,
please tighten the cap and the base.
3. lf still does not work after above
treatment, please consult after—sales
customer service.

① Cap: safe anti-overflow cup cover, copper lock function, to prevent malfunction of the touch switch.
② Bottle: US imports Bayer ABS material, anti-wear wear, thread design, screw spinning smooth.
③ Buckle: German U-type embedded technology, innovative design concept, a key to bounce easy to operate.
④ Ceramic spool: special microporous ceramic core, you can isolate chlorosis, and the antibacterial effect of the water becomes more sweet and delicious.
⑤ Bottle: tritan safe explosion, the curve bottleneck feel comfortable.
⑥ Base: US imports Bayer ABS material, thick cup bottom, calm place more secure.
⑦ Power switch: Seiko touch buttons, just a touch, easy to generate high concentrations of hydrogen water.
⑧ Electrode plate: the use of thin density titanium electrode material, 0.5U deep coating, 4 layer platinum treatment, catalytic high ion, high corrosion resistance.
⑨ LED lights: all 360-degree light, color soft, enhance the sense of movement and fashion sense.
⑩ Power switch: Seiko touch buttons, just a touch, easy to generate high concentrations of hydrogen water.
⑪ Battery: 800mA using a new energy battery, energy conversion efficiency model engage in environmental protection without electromagnetic radiation, the use of long life safety. 1 minute working model, 50 times making hydrogen water, 3 minutes working model, 20 times making hydrogen water( it is depended on the TDS of the water)
⑫ Circuit board: intelligent microcomputer chip control technology, the use of German Siemens chip control, convenient, safe and efficient.
 Active hydrogen rich sports transparent water bottle  generator 
ORP    : -300~-450MV
Lid Material: ABS
Motor model: 5W    
Seal ring:    Silicone
working current: 1A    
PPB: 900-1100PPB
Battery capacity:1000MAh    
Power supply:DC12V/5V
OEM service :Yes
Electrolysis Solution:Titanium Anode Plate    
Cup  body:PC
Charging time: Appro*3h-4h         
Working time after full charging:15-20times    
Certificate :CE, LFBG, ROHS, EMC